Self-lifting system for tractor allowing you to
safely work, move and / or wash your tractor

Ideal for changing wheels or washing your tractor before working on it

Galvanized legs are necessary when you have to work in the workshop on a tractor whose lift does not inspire your confidence. With this system, you lift your tractor and places the legs in order to work safely.


Gagnez du temps avec ce système intuitif à mettre en place


Confort de travail, déplacement aisé et décrochage rapide


Intervention du technicien en toute sécurité

Trakjak system features

Lifting arms for a
robust fixing

The attachment of the Trakjak to the tractor is done via its lifting arms. The bottom of the tractor rests on an adjustable platform that tilts as the lift goes up.

Several mounting positions

Several mounting positions are available depending on the type of tractor. The tractor will therefore be moved on the front-wheel drive assisted by the Trakjak, in complete safety and without any rear wheel.

Transportable with pallet forks

In order to facilitate the internal handling of the , it can be  and it is also possible to move it manually thanks to the transport wheels. So you can easily move it in your workshop.

Trakjak is recommended for every workshop

This tool has received several awards for innovation and safety in different fairs:

 Innovation Award: Lamma Show Uk

 Innovation Award: Farmers guardian IE

 SSAB I Agr E Health and SafetyAward UK

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